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Session ~ What To Expect

When I first arrive, I will first meet you and your pet, my camera will not be out. My goal is to create a calm atmosphere and first ensure that your pet is comfortable with both me and my equipment. I will then spend some time observing and documenting them doing their thing, which is usually sniffing around and running. I never force an animal to do something they are not comfortable doing, your pets’ wellbeing and safety are my number one concerns.

Many clients enjoy playing with their pet, interacting and being a part of the process, but I also have clients who may have calls to make, or check emails, and will go do so while I photograph. I’m open to whichever you would like to do!

I also bring along healthy treats and toys which the dogs/cats always enjoy!

A few suggestions:

If you are going to have your pet’s hair cut, I suggest doing so 2-3 days before our session to avoid the boxiness that can come across in photos on fresh cut hair.

Great for all pets, but especially high energy pets, I suggest taking them for some exercise about an hour before our session so they aren’t overly wound up.

This last one is for me, if the session will be at your home, I very much appreciate not rolling in doggy poo!!!(I know, odd eh? Who doesn’t like that??) So if your dog has a “special” section of the yard to do their business in, could you give me a heads up of that locale when I get there?? Thanks!!

I SO look forward to meeting you and your pet!!

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